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3 phase squirrel cage induction motor YVF2 series with variable frequency drive

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Quick Details:

  • Frame size:80~355
  • Product name:3 phase squirrel cage induction motor
  • Type: Variable frequency drive
  • Material: High-strength cast iron
  • Power:0.55~315KW
  • Rate voltage:380V
  • Poles:2P,4P,6P
  • Insulation class:F
  • Degree of protection:IP54
  • Cooling:IC416
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Supply Ability:15000Sets per Month
  • Warranty:1 year
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General description

  • YVF2 series is a 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor with variable frequency drive device. The system composed of the VFD device can realize stepless speed control and achieve the purpose of energy saving and control automation. The motor has high starting torque when running at low speed (5~50HZ). The motor can run with constant torque in the range of 1:10, and runs smoothly without torque creep. When the motor runs at high speed (50~100HZ), it has a high overload capacity to ensure the constant power output of the motor.

Product features

  • YVF2 series 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor is a new generation of variable frequency speed regulation motor developed to meet the needs of the market. It has the advantages of low noise, small vibration, wide speed regulation range, convenient maintenance and reliable operation.
  • This series of motors adopts specially designed electromagnetic scheme and reasonable coordination of stator and rotor slots, so that it can adapt to the condition of inverter power supply. In order to make the motor output constant torque at low speed and maintain a certain overload capacity at high frequency.
  • YVF2 series motors adopt squirrel cage structure, which is reliable in operation and convenient in maintenance. The motor is equipped with an independent axial flow fan to ensure that the motor has a better cooling effect at different speeds.
  • This series of motors adopts electromagnetic wires and insulating materials with excellent performance, reliable intrusion process and detection measures, so that the motor has strong adaptability to the overvoltage caused by the high frequency carrier of the inverter.
  • The YVF2 series motor is cooled by an independent fan to ensure that the temperature rise of the positive motor does not exceed the allowable value during long-term operation at low speed.
  • The appearance of YVF2 series motors adopts parallel heat dissipation rib structure, with large heat dissipation area and beautiful appearance.
  • The corresponding relationship between the installation size and power of the YVF2 series motors, and the main performance indicators (4 poles) conform to the latest international standards. Except for the axial length of the excepted type, the installation size is the same as that of the Y2 series motors, which is convenient for selection, installation, maintenance and exchange.
  • The YVF2 series can be conveniently installed with braking device, encoder and tachometer to achieve fast braking and automatic control.
  • YVF2 series 3 phase squirrel cage induction motors with variable frequency drive are widely used in fans and pumps to regulate flow and speed regulation of constant torque (below the fundamental frequency) and constant power (above the fundamental frequency) of machine tools, textiles, chemical metallurgy, steel and other industries . And can meet the needs of special fields such as papermaking, cables, plastics, packaging, elevators, and lifting.

Standard form

  • Motor protection grade IP44 or IP54
  • Duty: S1 continuous
  • Insulation class: B (or F) class
  • Applicable frequency range: 5-50HZ (below 45kW), 3~50Hz (above 55kW) is constant torque; 50-100HZ is constant power (frequency range can also be determined according to the user)
  • Connection method: the power is Y connection method when the power is 55kW and below; the △ connection method is used when the power is above 55kW.
  • Cooling method: IC416.
  • Feedback device (encoder, tachometer): according to user requirements.
  • Electromagnetic brake (power-on or power-off braking): according to user requirements.
  • Rated voltage: 380V, 50Hz (the rated voltage and frequency can also be determined according to user requirements).

Conditions of use

  • The ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ℃
  • Relative humidity: no more than 90% (below 20℃)
  • The altitude does not exceed 1000m;

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