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Analysis of Motor Vibration Quality Problems

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Vibration is a very critical performance index requirement for motor products, especially for some precision equipment and places with high environmental requirements, the performance requirements for motors are more stringent or even severe.

During the production and processing of the motor, the dynamic balance of the rotor, the static balance of the fan, the balance of the large motor shaft, and the accuracy of the machined parts have a great impact on the vibration performance of the motor. For high-speed motors, the accuracy and suitability of the balancing equipment have a greater impact on the overall balancing effect of the rotor.

Combined with the case of the faulty motor, it is necessary to summarize some problems existing in the dynamic balancing process of the rotor. Most of the cast aluminum rotors are dynamically balanced by adding weight on the balance column. During the balancing process, the matching relationship between the balance block hole of the weight and the balance column and the reliability of the balance and fixation must be controlled in place. For wound rotors or some rotors that are not suitable for use of balance blocks, most manufacturers use balance cement for balancing. If the balance cement is deformed or displaced during the curing process, it may fall off, which will lead to a poor final balance effect. Especially for the motor that is put into use, it will cause serious vibration problems of the motor.

The installation of the motor has a great influence on the vibration performance. The installation of the motor should ensure that the motor is in a stable state. In some applications, it can be found that the motor is in a suspended state, and even has the adverse effect of resonance. Therefore, for the requirements of motor installation, the motor manufacturer should conduct necessary communication with users to reduce and eliminate such adverse effects.

For the motor in use, the bearing system should be regularly maintained according to the use and maintenance requirements. On the one hand, it is the performance of the bearing, and on the other hand, it is also the lubrication condition of the bearing. Damage to the bearing system will also cause the vibration of the motor.

The control of the motor test process should also be based on a reliable and firm test platform. For the problems of uneven platform, unreasonable structure, and even unreliable platform foundation, the vibration test data will be distorted.

During the use of the motor, check the fastening of the fixing points between the motor and the foundation, and add necessary anti-loosening measures when tightening.

The operation of the driven equipment has a direct impact on the operation of the motor, so for the motor vibration problem that occurs during the use process, it is necessary to analyze and solve the problem in a targeted manner.

In addition, the different shaft problems that occur during the long-term operation of the motor also have a great impact on the vibration performance of the motor. Especially for large-scale suspended motors, regular maintenance and maintenance are the key to preventing vibration problems.

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