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flameproof three-phase induction motor YBX3 series

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Quick Details:

  • Product name:Three-phase induction Motor
  • Product Type: flameproof
  • Frame size:80~355
  • Rate Power:0.37-315kw
  • Rate voltage:380V/660V、660V/1140V
  • Duty:S1
  • Poles:2P,4P,6P,8P,10P
  • Cooling method: IC411 (outer circulation surface cooling)
  • Explosion-proof mark: ExdlMb, ExdllBT4Gb, ExdllCT4Gb
  • Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Supply Ability:15000Sets per Month
  • Warranty:1 year
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General introduction

  • YBX3  series flameproof three-phase induction motor comply with the third-level efficiency standards stipulated in GB18613-2020 “Limited Energy Efficiency Values and Energy Efficiency Levels of Small and Medium-Sized Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors”. At the same time, it meets the IE3 energy efficiency level of the IEC60034-30-1 standard.
  • The explosion-proof performance of the motor complies with GB3836.1-2010 (Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 1: General Requirements) and GB3836.2-2010 (Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 2: Flameproof “D”) Explosion-proof Exdl.. ExdllBT4 and Exdllct4 are respectively made according to the regulations, which are suitable for underground coal mines (non-excavation working face) and factories with IIA, IIB, IIC grades, and the temperature components are T1-T4 explosive gas environments.
  • It can also be made into YBX3-W outdoor type, YBX3-TH indoor damp heat type, YBX3-WTH outdoor damp heat type, YBX3-WT outdoor tropical type and YBX3-WF1 outdoor medium anti-corrosion gas environment.

Explosion-proof principle

Flameproof “Ex d” motors are a form of explosion-proof motor. The principle is to place components that may generate sparks, arcs or dangerously high temperatures in a flameproof enclosure during normal operation of the equipment. The flameproof casing can withstand the internal pressure without damage, and can ensure that when the internal flame gas propagates through the gap, the energy is reduced, and it is not enough to detonate the gas outside the casing.

Structure description

  • The flameproof structure of the motor includes: Ex d IIA T4 Gb, Ex d IIB T4 Gb, Ex d IIC T4 Gb.
  • The protection grade of the motor body shell is: IP55.
  • The cooling method of the motor is: IC411.
  • The insulation level of the motor is 155 (F), the temperature rise margin of the stator winding is large, and the service life is long.
  • The motor has a cylindrical shaft extension and is driven by a coupling or spur gear.
  • The stator winding of the motor is made of high-strength polyester enameled round copper wire, and is treated by VPI vacuum pressure dipping to become a complete whole. The winding and insulation have good electrical, mechanical, moisture-proof performance and thermal stability.
  • The rotor of the motor adopts cast aluminum structure, and the rotor has been verified by dynamic balance. The motor runs smoothly, with low vibration and low noise.
  • The stator and rotor of the motor are made of high-quality electrical silicon steel sheets with high magnetic permeability and low loss. The motor has low loss and high efficiency.
  • The motor bearing adopts the special low-vibration and low-noise bearing for the motor. The bearing structure is of inner and outer cover type, and the non-shaft extension end is fixed by a retaining ring, which can effectively prevent the axial movement of the motor rotor.
  • Motor fans and hoods: motors of frame size 280 and below use anti-static plastic fans or cast aluminum alloy fans, which have small rotational inertia and low loss; frame sizes 315 and above use cast iron or steel welded fans, which are light in weight and high in strength ; Frame size 400-2-pole motor adopts one-way fan. Conventional products are clockwise when viewed from the shaft extension end, and special instructions are required when counterclockwise rotation is required. The whole series of fans and shafts are connected by keys, and the operation is reliable. The hood is a steel plate structure, which can prevent the intrusion of foreign objects of a certain size to obtain the maximum ventilation area and make the air passage unobstructed.
  • For frame size H160 and above, heating belt or PTC temperature measurement can be set according to user needs, and explosion-proof breathing drain valve can also be set;
    For frame size H250 and above, stator and bearing temperature measuring devices can be set according to user needs.
  • The outlet of the junction box can be adjusted in four directions, but the junction box faces backward (towards the non-shaft extension end). Due to the influence of the lifting ring, the user needs to remove the lifting ring after hoisting the motor in place at the installation site and adjust the outlet to the rear.


YBX3 explosion-proof motor has the advantages of energy saving, large temperature rise margin, long life, good performance, low vibration, advanced explosion-proof structure, excellent starting performance, beautiful appearance, high reliability, and no electric spark is generated during operation. The main junction box of the motor is located at the top, and the temperature measurement, bearing temperature measurement and heater can also be selected according to the user’s needs.

The meaning of YBX3 motor explosion-proof mark: ExdⅡBT4Gb

  • Ex: mark (explosion proof)
  • d: Explosion-proof type of electrical equipment (explosion-proof type)
  • IIB: Electrical equipment category level (Class II Class B)
  • T4: Temperature group (T4)
  • Gb: Equipment Protection Level (Gb)

YBX3 motor model representative meaning: YBX3-315M1-2W

  • Y: induction motor
  • B: flameproof type
  • X: high efficiency
  • 3: Design serial number, 3 represents three designs
  • 315: The center height of the base (315mm)
  • M: base length (M means middle base)
  • 1:1 iron core length
  • 2: Number of poles (2 poles)
  • W: special environment code (outdoor type)
flameproof three-phase induction motors China supplier
flameproof three-phase induction motors supplier
  • What is a flameproof motor?
  • The flameproof motor is an electrical device used in hazardous locations, and the product has a flameproof enclosure.
  • Are you manufactuerer of flameproof motor in China?
  • Yes,we are manufactuer of induction motor including flameproof type.
  • Is OEM service available?
  • We accept OEM service. Special motors can be designed according to customers' requirements .

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