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how to choose right China electric motor?

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As a big country in motor production, China has many motor manufacturers with many motor models. Are you troubled by many problems of motor selection? This article helps you how to choose the right motor.

Meaning of the China electric motor model

First of all, we must understand the meaning of the model. For example: HCM5-132M-7.5-1500-T4-FITS-B3 indicates that the motor is a HCM5 series ultra-high-efficiency magnetic-assisted synchronous reluctance motor with a frame size of 132M, a rated power of 7.5kW, and a rated speed of 1500r /min, voltage level 3 phases 380V, self-fan air cooling, casing material cast iron, top outlet, single keyway, B3 installation method without flange.

ID Description Model ID Details
Product Series HCM5 HCM5: HCM5 series ultra-high-efficiency magnetic-assisted synchronous reluctance motor (IE5 energy efficiency; HCM4: HCM4 series high-efficiency magnetic-assisted synchronous reluctance motor (IE4 energy efficiency)
Cabin seat no 132M 132 shells (S: short shell, M: medium shell, L: long shell)
Power 7.5 7.5kw
Rotating speed 1500 Speed: 1500/min
Voltage level T4 T4: 3-phase 380V (T6: 3-phase 660V, S2: single-phase 220V)
Cooling method F F: self-fan air cooling, Q: forced air cooling, Y: liquid cooling
Case material I I: Iron, A: Aluminum
Outlet direction L L: Left, R: Right, T: Top
Shaft form S N: bare shaft, S: single keyway, D: double keyway
Mounting code B3 B3: Foot without flange, B35: Foot with flange, B5: Flange
Brake B None: without brake, B: with brake
Winding protection W None: no winding protection, W: thermistor protection, C: thermal switch protection

Energy efficiency grade

Benchmarking the China standard motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade, two series of products, HCM5 and HCM4, have been developed according to the national energy efficiency requirements. HCM5 series products meet the first-level energy efficiency of the new national standard (GB18613-2020), and HCM4 series products meet the second-level energy efficiency of the new national standard (GB18613-2020).

Definition International standard (IEC 60034-1) New China standard Old China standard
super efficient IE5 Level 1 energy efficiency
efficient IE4 Level 2 Energy Efficiency Level 1 energy efficiency
standard IE3 Level 3 energy efficiency Level 2 Energy Efficiency
disuse IE2 Level 3 energy efficiency

Frame size

The number part in the front indicates the center height, that is, the vertical height from the center of the motor shaft to the plane of the motor foot; the letter part in the back indicates the length of the casing, generally there are three types: S, M, and L, just like the size of clothes.

Cooling method

Self-fan cooling (IC411): built-in fan cooling, the fan is coaxial with the motor shaft, no external power supply is required, it is generally used in scenes without speed regulation or in scenes with a small speed regulation range, and the general speed regulation range is not lower than 60% of the rated speed.

Forced fan cooling (IC416): built-in fan cooling, the fan and the motor shaft are not in the same axis, the fan requires an external power supply, and frequency conversion motors are more commonly used, generally used in scenarios that often operate at low speeds.

Outlet direction

Facing the shaft extension end, the outlet box is the top outlet at the direction of 12 o’clock; the outlet box is the right outlet at the 3 o’clock direction; the outlet box is the left outlet at the 9 o’clock direction.

Shaft extension form

Generally, there are bare shafts, single key shafts, and double key shafts. The specific forms are as shown in the figure below.

Electric motor mounting types

There are many ways to install the motor, mainly divided into horizontal and vertical. The most commonly used installation methods are B3, B5, B35, and V1.
1. B3: With feet, without direct connection mounting flange;
2. B5: No feet, with direct connection mounting flange;
3. B35: with feet and direct connection mounting flange;
4. V1: Install vertically with B5 motor.

To buy right China electric motor ,you also need to know what equipment it is used in, and you must take into account the voltage,power,operating conditions, energy-saving effect,rotating speed, and surrounding environment. These are all things that must be understood clearly. If you are not clear, it is best to contact the motor manufacturer directly, and communicate with the manufacturer to select right electric motor.

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