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IE5 ultra high efficiency China three-phase induction motor

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  • Product name: Ultra high efficiency three-phase induction motor
  • Energy efficiency grade: IE5 (new international energy efficiency)
  • Frame number: H80-355
  • Rated voltage: 380V
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Power range: 0.37KW-375KW
  • Rated speed: 600rpm-3000rpm
  • Cooling method: IC411
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Installation method: B3 V1 B35
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General description

  • LUV motor YE5 series ultra-high-efficiency energy-saving motor (first-class energy efficiency) is a new generation product of our company, which is a new generation of energy-saving three-phase asynchronous motor developed on the basis of high-efficiency motor YE4 motor through more stringent energy-saving transformation. Its efficiency reaches the level 1 energy efficiency standard in GB18613-2020 “Limited Values and Energy Efficiency Levels of Small and Medium-sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motors” and IE5 of IEC60034
  • The power level, electrical performance, installation dimensions and tolerances of YE5 motors all comply with the national standard GB755 “Rotational Energy Generation”, the International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC34-1 “Rating and Performance of Rotating Electric Machines” and the machinery industry standard GB/T4772.1, etc.
  • The enclosure protection grade of YE5 motor is based on the standard of GB4942.1 and IEC34-5 “Enclosure Protection Class of Rotating Electric Machines”. The cooling method of this series of motors is IC411 according to the standard of GB/T1993 and IEC34-6 “Cooling Method of Rotating Electric Machines”.
  • The structure and installation type of this series of motors are IMB3 (horizontal with feet, end cover without flange), IMB5 (horizontal base without feet, end cover with flange), IMB35 (horizontal base with bottom feet, end cover with flange), IMV1 (vertical base without feet, end cover with flange) in line with GB/T997 and IEC34-7 “motor structure and installation type code” regulations.
  • This series of motors adopts F-class insulation, and the temperature rise of the whole series is assessed according to B-class, which greatly improves the safety and reliability.

Model description of ultra-efficient and energy-saving motor (first-class energy efficiency)

For example YE5-160M1-2

  • “Y”induction motor
  • “E5″efficiency grade IE5
  • “160”frame size 160mm
  • “M1″No. 1 iron core long, medium base
  • “2”2 poles

The difference between YE5 and YE4 motors

YE5 is the first-class energy efficiency motor of the new national standard, and YE4 is the second-class of the new national standard. The energy-saving efficiency of YE5 has been greatly improved.
Executive standard: GB18613-2020

ModelRated power(kw)YE4 efficiency(%)YE5 efficiency(%)YE5 saves power(kKWh)


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