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Self-starting rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor TYZ series

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Quick Details:

  • Product name:Permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Product Type: Rare earth
  • Frame size:80~355
  • Power:0.55~375KW
  • Rate voltage:380V
  • Poles:4P,6P,8P,12P
  • Insulation class:F
  • Degree of protection:IP55
  • Duty:S1
  • Cooling:IC411
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Supply Ability:15000 Sets per Month
  • Warranty:1 year
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General description

  • TYZ series self-starting three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, the product rate index conforms to the Grade 1 standard of GB30253 “Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Energy Efficiency Limit Value and Energy Efficiency Grade”.
  • After using rare earth permanent magnet materials, the products are small in size, light in weight, high in power density, high in power factor, high in efficiency, low in current, low in temperature rise, large in starting torque, free from slip, stable in speed, and safe and reliable in operation.
  • If used together with a high-performance inverter, it can realize stepless speed regulation within a certain speed range, with high system efficiency, and can be used in working conditions that require stable speed or high speed regulation.
  • Compared with the original YE3 asynchronous motor, this series of products has remarkable energy-saving effect. In the load range of 25-120%, the average power saving rate can reach more than 5% compared with the asynchronous motor, which can be no different from the original YE3 series with the same frame size Replacement, with strong market competitiveness.


  • Ultra-high efficiency: Reaching the energy efficiency above GB 30253 “Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Levels”, with a wide economic operation range and a high comprehensive power saving rate.
  • High power density: Compared with the asynchronous machine frame size, it can be reduced by 1 to 3, realizing high efficiency, miniaturization and light weight;
  • High power factor: It can reduce the capacity of the equipment, remove the reactive power compensation, the low temperature rises, the current drops significantly, and the operation is reliable;
  • Self-starting operation: Large starting torque, high overload capacity, good interchangeability, and the same installation size as the asynchronous machine, which can be more convenient and more convenient;
  • Frequency conversion operation: This type of motor can also be adapted to the frequency converter to achieve frequency conversion operation control.

Model description

For example:TYZ355M-4

  • “T” means synchronous
  • “Y”means permanent magnet
  • “Z”means direct drive
  • “355”means center height 355mm
  • “M” means medium base
  • “4” 4 poles number

Application field

Due to the high magnetic energy product and high coercivity (especially high intrinsic coercivity) of rare earth permanent magnets, rare earth permanent magnet motors have a series of advantages such as small size, light weight, high efficiency and good characteristics, and are widely used in aviation , aerospace, navigation and industrial and civil direction.

TYZ series motors are widely used in various industries to drive fans, pumps, compressors, belt conveyors, textile machines, flotation machines, ceramic glass equipment, crushers, etc., to help enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance core competitiveness.

The difference between self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motor and variable frequency starting permanent magnet synchronous motor

The starting methods of permanent magnet synchronous motors are generally divided into self-starting and variable frequency starting. Self-starting permanent magnet synchronous motors are processed and manufactured with high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials. The IPM rotor structure has an asynchronous starting squirrel cage, which can be controlled by V/F. , it can be started directly at the power frequency, or it can be added with a frequency converter for speed regulation. The permanent magnet synchronous motor with variable frequency start cannot start automatically, but it can be controlled by V/F and driven by the frequency converter to start, the starting current is small, and the energy saving effect is good.

Which starting method should a permanent magnet synchronous motor buy?

The starting method of the motor has a lot to do with the equipment and working conditions of the user. Different equipment requires different power and rotational speed. For equipment with many speed regulation ranges and high power, we generally recommend using a permanent magnet motor with variable frequency start. The torque is large and the current is small. The frequency conversion parameter modulation ratio or the carrier ratio can be changed to improve the motor performance, which can meet certain energy-saving requirements. For low-power industrial equipment, we generally recommend using a self-starting rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor. Directly connected to the power grid for power frequency start does not require a frequency converter. The cost is low, and the motor efficiency and power factor are higher than asynchronous motors.

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