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China is the largest market for electric motors in the world, so there are many electric motor manufacturers in China. Due to the large number of brands, many people do not know which product to choose when purchasing. Here I will introduce the top ten Chinese motor factories.
The top ten manufacturers have strong strength and technology, so they can guarantee the quality of the electric motors produced.

Lu’an Micro&Special Motor Co., Ltd

  • Location: Lu’an
  • Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1998
  • The number of employees: 200
  • Main product: electric motor
  • Other products: gear reducer
  • Brand:LUV

Being in one of the largest economies, LUV has made its place in the motor industry. LUV built a great reputation and customer base that leads us to success. With the experience we have, we managed to boost our sales.China is well-known for its motor products so it was difficult to keep up with others. But, compared to others around the world we have some of the best products.

Yaskawa Electric (CHINA) Co., Ltd

Founded in Japan in 1915, Yaskawa is an advocate of the concept of “mechatronics”. It is a large multinational enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of inverters, servo motors, controllers, robots, and various systems engineering equipment. Entered the Chinese market in 1999, and successively opened 8 branches in Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and other places.

Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited

The main products are hydraulic turbines, hydraulic generators, steam turbine generators, wind turbines, power station control equipment and sliding bearings. The company covers an area of 720,000 square meters, with a construction area of 330,000 square meters. There are more than 3800 sets of various types of equipment.

Johnson Electric International Limited

Johnson Electric Group was established in 1959 as a large multinational group company headquartered in Hong Kong. Dechang Micromotor products are widely used in consumer and commercial products, including auto parts, household appliances, power tools, commercial equipment and personal care products, multimedia and audio-visual products, etc.

Zhejiang LINIX Motor Co., Ltd

Founded in 1968, it is affiliated to Yingluohua Technology Co., Ltd., located in Hengdian, China. The company is a national key high-tech enterprise with nearly 1,500 employees. The company’s main products are AC, permanent magnet DC, brushless, stepping, servo motors and other micro motors and electric push rod actuators, parallel shafts, worm gears, planetary gear reducers, motor drives and scooters and other professional controllers, and Bio-based food waste machines, scooters for the elderly, sweepers and other terminal products have formed a series of products with more than 200 specifications and more than 5,000 models. Products are mainly used in high-speed rail, robots, new energy mopeds, nuclear power equipment, new energy vehicles and other fields.

Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd

DFEM was established in 1958. It is a wholly-owned core subsidiary of China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading supplier of power generation equipment, clean energy products and services.

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, manufacture and production of hydraulic turbine generator sets, thermal energy generators (including coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear energy), wind turbines, AC (DC) motors, inverters, complete sets of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, pumps and other equipment. Services, as well as power station renovation, complete sets of power station equipment, installation, maintenance and overhaul, etc.; has a number of qualifications and capabilities such as general contracting of electric power projects, general contracting of municipal public works construction, general contracting of environmental protection projects, general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction; Users provide system solutions for small and medium thermal power, waste power generation, biomass power generation, wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation and cogeneration EPC.

Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group

Xiangtan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is an excellent asset of the concentrated main business part of Xiangdian Group. It was jointly established by six companies including Beijing Metro Corporation at the end of December 1999, and was listed in Shanghai in July 2002 (Xiangdian Co., Ltd. 600416) , became the first listed company under the approval system in Hunan Province and the first listed company in Xiangtan City. The company has 5 business divisions, 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 3 holding subsidiaries, and more than 4,300 employees.
The company is a large-scale backbone enterprise in my country’s electrical industry, a national major technical equipment localization research and development base established by the State Council, a national high-tech industrial base and a national innovative enterprise. The company mainly serves my country’s national defense, electric power, energy, mining, transportation, chemical industry, light industry, water conservancy, petrochemical, metallurgy and other construction undertakings, and plays a leading role in the development and application of large-scale national defense equipment, complete electrical equipment, wind turbines and other equipment in China .

Shandong Huali Electric Motor Group Co.,Ltd

Shandong Huali Electric Motor Group Co.,Ltd was founded in 1970. After continuous and steady development, it has become a modern enterprise group integrating scientific research, production, marketing and service. The company has three manufacturing enterprises in Rongcheng Laoshan Industrial Zone, Rongcheng Industrial New Zone and Suzhou Industrial New Zone, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million units and 20 million KW. It is one of the largest and most powerful manufacturing enterprises in the global motor industry.
Huali Group has strong technical force. It has established Shandong Enterprise Technology Center and Shandong Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Engineering Technology Research Center. It has built a product pattern supported by low-voltage motors, with high-voltage, low-voltage high-power, and special motors as the development direction. The products cover YE5 series, YE4 series, YE3 series, HM3 series, YBX3 series, YFB3 series, YBK3 series, YBBP series, YB3 series, YVF3 series, YVF2 series, YVF series, YKK series, YKS series, etc. Marine, hoisting, metallurgy, frequency conversion, high voltage, wind power, etc.) more than 40 series with more than 11,000 specifications, is one of the world’s largest motor manufacturers with complete varieties and specifications.

Ningbo Dongli Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd

located in Ningbo Jiangbei Industrial Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and service of gearboxes, motors and transmissions. The company has gear processing, box processing, heat treatment, testing physical and chemical and experimental equipment with high precision and complete specifications. The company’s product chain ranges from standard gearboxes to special gearboxes, non-standard gearboxes, from 0.12kw micro gearboxes to 10000kw high-power heavy-duty gearboxes. The company has a large number of Fortune 500 partners, and the product sales network is all over the world. In the metallurgical industry, it has the largest domestic market share for many years. Dongli Transmission “focuses on transmission equipment and serves the high-end market”, and provides customers with overall transmission solutions with excellent quality.

Wolong Electric Group

Wolong Group was founded in 1984. As a major global manufacturer of motor and drive solutions, the company is guided by technological innovation and digital empowerment, and is committed to providing safe, efficient, intelligent and green motor power system solutions to global users , contribute to “carbon neutrality” and drive a better future.
The company mainly produces various types of motors, generators, control drives and industrial automation products, and provides solutions for customers in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemical, electric power, mining, rail transit, construction, environmental protection and water treatment, equipment automation, and new energy vehicles,programs and services.


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