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YB3 series flameproof three-phase induction motor, fully enclosed, self-fan cooling, squirrel cage type

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Quick details

  • Product name:three-phase induction motor
  • Product type: flameproof
  • Rated voltage: 380, 660, 1140, 380/660, 660/1140v
  • Rated frequency: 50HZ
  • Power range: 0.12-315kw
  • Insulation class: F, H
  • Protection class: IP55
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General description

  • YB3 series flameproof three-phase induction motor is a fully enclosed, self-fan-cooled, squirrel-cage, flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor developed by our company.
  • YB3 explosion-proof motor is a product developed on the basis of YB and YB2 series motors combined with the current domestic and foreign technologies such as electromagnetic structure, technology and materials.
  • The efficiency index of this series of motors conforms to GB18613-2006 “Limited Values ​​of Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Small and Medium-Sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motors”.
  • ​​This series of motors complies with GB755-2008 “Rating and Performance of Rotating Electric Machines” and enterprise standard Q/320206JLAB01-2009 “Technical Conditions for YB3 Series Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motors (Frame No. H63~355)”.
  • Its explosion-proof performance complies with the provisions of GB3836.1-2010 “Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment” and GB3836.2-2010 “Explosive Atmospheres Part 2: Equipment Protected by Flameproof Enclosure “d”. Explosion-proof ExdI, ExdIIAT4, ExdIIBT4 are suitable for underground coal mines (non-excavation working face) and factories IIA, IIB grades, temperature groups T1 ~ T4 groups of explosive gas environments dangerous places.​​
  • The enclosure protection grade of this series of motors is IP55, and the cooling method is IC4.
  • This series of motors can also be made into wet-tropical type YB3-TH, dry-tropical type YB3-TA, outdoor type YB3-W, outdoor medium-corrosion-proof type YB3-WF1, outdoor damp-heat type YB3-THW, outdoor dry-tropical type YB3-TAW , Tropical YB3-T, outdoor tropical YB3-TW.

Model analysis of YB3 explosion-proof motor

The meaning of the explosion-proof mark of YB3 motor: ExdⅡBT4Gb

  • Ex: mark (explosion proof)
  • d: Explosion-proof type of electrical equipment (explosion-proof type)
  • IIB: Electrical equipment category level (Class II Class B)
  • T4: Temperature group (T4)
  • Gb: Equipment Protection Level (Gb)

YB3 explosion-proof motor model representative meaning: YB3-355M1-4W

  • Y: induction motor
  • B: flameproof type
  • 3: Design serial number, 3 represents three designs
  • 355: The center height of the base (355mm)
  • M: base length (M means middle base)
  • 1:1 iron core length
  • 4: Number of poles (4 poles)
  • W: special environment code (outdoor type)

YB3 motor operating conditions

YB3 using electrical conditions

  • Rated voltage: 380, 660, 380/660, 400, 690, 400/690V. (can also be manufactured according to special voltage)
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Quota: continuous duty S1

Environmental conditions for use of YB3

  • The altitude does not exceed 1000m, and the ambient air temperature changes with the seasons, and is an indoor environment of -15°C to 40°C.
  • YB3 is the basic type, suitable for indoor environment.
  • YB3-W is suitable for outdoor type environment.
  • YB3-TH is suitable for indoor humid tropical environment.
  • YB3-THW is suitable for outdoor humid tropical environment.
  • YB3-TA is suitable for indoor dry tropical environment.
  • The YB3-TAW is suitable for outdoor dry tropical type environments.
  • YB3-T is suitable for indoor tropical environment.
  • The YB3-TW is suitable for outdoor tropical type environments.
  • YB3-WF1 is suitable for outdoor moderately corrosive environments.

Application field

The YB3 explosion-proof motor is used as the drive motor of the mechanical equipment in the underground coal mine (non-excavation working face) fixed equipment or factory IIB grade, the temperature group is T1-T4 group of flammable gas or explosive mixture of steam and air. , mainly used in coal mining, petroleum natural, petrochemical and chemical industries. In addition, it is also widely used in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, papermaking, medicine and other departments. As the main power equipment, explosion-proof motors are usually used to drive pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors and other transmission machinery.

YB3 explosion-proof motor structure, installation and overall dimensions

The installation method of YB3 motor complies with the provisions of GB997 "Code of Motor Structure and Installation Type" and IEC34-7. This series of motors has the following 5 basic structure types:

B3—base with feet and end cover without flange;

B5—base without feet and end cover with flange;

B35—base with feet and end cover There are flanges;

B14—the base has no feet and the end cover has a small flange;

B34—the base has feet and the end cover has a small flange.

This series of motors can be derived from the above 5 basic structures, and 15 common structures and installation types can be derived as shown in the following table:

Frame size Structure and installation type code(IM)
63~71 B3、B5、B6、B7、B8、B14、B34、V1、V3、V5、V6、V18
80~112 B3、B5、B6、B7、B8、B14、B34、B35、V1、V3、V5、V6、V15、V18、V36
132~160 B3、B5、B6、B7、B8、B35、V1、V3、V5、V6、V15、V36
180~280 B3、B5、B35、V1
315~355 B3、B35、V1

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