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YDT Series Pole-changing Three Phase Induction Motors For Pumps And Fans

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Quick Details:

  • Product name:Three Phase Induction Motors
  • Product Type: pole-changing multi-speed
  • Frame size:80~315mm
  • Voltage, frequency: 380V, 50Hz (can be customized according to users)
  • Rated output power: 0.17kW~160kW
  • Duty:S1
  • Insulation class:F
  • Energy Efficiency Level: China GB18613-2020 Level 3 (IE3 Efficiency)
  • Degree of protection:IP44、IP54、IP55
  • Motor Poles: 2/4. 2/6、4/6、4/8、6/8、6/12、8/10、4/6/8
  • Cooling:IC411
  • Thermal class: 155(F)
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Supply Ability:15000Sets per Month
  • Warranty:1 year
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General description

  • YDT series motors are pole-changing speed-regulating motors that change the speed and power of the motor by changing the wiring method of the windings.
  • YDT series products use the single-winding pole-changing method to realize the speed conversion, and are divided into two-speed and three-speed motors. According to the distribution of power under different pole numbers, it is designed according to the proportional relationship between the flow rate and rotational speed of fans and pumps.
  • The design of this series of motors is novel, and the torque characteristic is quadratic decreasing according to the load of fans and pumps: the power of the motor is proportional to the cube of the speed, and the torque is proportional to the square of the speed. According to the matching requirements of the speed, the corresponding power is reasonably matched , thus saving a lot of energy, which is the ideal power for the fan load type.
  • YDT series motors comply with international IEC standards, and the main technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.
  • This series of products are also widely used in mining, metallurgy, textile, chemical industry, light industry and civil facilities and other places that need to adjust the air volume according to the season and temperature.

YDT series advantages

  1. Step-by-step speed regulation, the motor power is reasonably matched with the load of fans and pumps, so that the system efficiency is improved. It is a special motor for fans and pumps.
  2. The variable speed schemes of this series of motors are: two-speed, three-speed, four-speed
  3. Protection class IP54, F-class insulation, optimized structure, high heat resistance, strong impact resistance, long insulation life, and can also be competent in harsh environments
  4. The speed and output power of the motor are changed by changing the connection method of the windings to match the load characteristics of the mechanical equipment, simplifying the speed change system, high efficiency and energy saving.
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