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YEJ series electromagnetic three-phase asynchronous brake motor

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Quick Details:

  • Frame size:80~250mm
  • Voltage, frequency: 380V, 50Hz (can be customized according to users)
  • Rated output power:0.55kW~55kW
  • Duty:S1
  • Insulation class:B
  • Energy Efficiency Level: China GB18613-2020 Level 3 (IE3 Efficiency)
  • Degree of enclosure protection:IP44、IP55
  • Brakes :IP23
  • Cooling:IC411
  • Thermal class: 155(F)
  • Product Type: Electromagnetic three-phase asynchronous braking
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Supply Ability:15000Sets per Month
  • Warranty:1 year
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General description

YEJ series electromagnetic three-phase asynchronous brake motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor with fully enclosed, self-fan cooling, squirrel cage type additional DC electromagnet brake.

Standard type

The motor meets the requirements of JB/T6428–92 “YEJ series (IP44) electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions (frame size 80-225)”.
The rated voltage of the motor is 380V, the rated frequency is 50HZ, the protection class is IP44, the brake is IP23, the cooling method is IC411, the reference working system is continuous working system SI, and the insulation class is B class.

Principle and Structure

1, stator; 2, rotor; 3, plate; 4, iron; 5, excitation coil; 6, manual release device; 7, brake spring

The DC disc brake of the YEJ brake motor is installed on the end cover of the non-shaft extension end of the motor. When the brake motor is connected to the power supply, the brake also works at the same time. Due to the electromagnetic attraction, the electromagnet attracts the armature and compresses the spring, the brake disc is disconnected from the armature and the end cover, and the motor starts to rotate continuously. When the power is cut off, the brake electromagnet loses its electromagnetic attraction force, the spring pushes the armature to press the brake disc, and under the action of the friction torque, the motor stops rotating immediately.

Model description

For example YEJ3-160M2-4

  • Y:three phase induction motor
  • E:brake code
  • J:additional electromagnetic brake code
  • 3:brake derivative series
  • 160:frame size
  • M:indicates the length of the base
  • 2:indicates the length of the iron core
  • 4:poles number


It is suitable for all kinds of machinery that require rapid braking, accurate positioning, reciprocating operation, frequent starting and braking, and is used as a mechanical equipment for main drive and auxiliary drive. For example: electric valves, rubber chemical machinery, metal processing machine tools, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, construction machinery and gear reducers.

Conditions of Use

  • Ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃;
  • Altitude: no more than 1000m;
  • Rated voltage: 380V, any voltage value between 220~760V is optional;
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz;
  • Protection grade: IP44 (IP54, IP55 can also be made according to user requirements);
  • Insulation class: B class, F class;
  • Cooling method: IC411;
  • How it works: S1;
  • Wiring method: 3kW and below Y connection, 4kW and above △ connection


Outline and installation dimensions

B3 has base, no direct connection mounting flange

B5 without base, with direct connection mounting flange

B35 has base with direct attach mounting flange

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