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YVF3 series Variable Frequency 3 Phase Induction Motor IP55

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Quick Details:

  • Product name:Variable frequency 3 phase induction motor
  • Product Type: Low voltage high power
  • Frame size:355~450
  • Material: High strength cast iron
  • Rate Power:132~900kw
  • Rate voltage:380V,660V
  • Duty:S1
  • Frequency range:1,constant torque:25-50Hz 2,constant power:4P:50~75Hz,6-12P:50~100Hz
  • Poles:2P,4P,6P,8P,10P,12P
  • Insulation class:F
  • Degree of protection:IP54 or IP55
  • Cooling:IC416
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Supply Ability:15000Sets per Month
  • Warranty:1 year
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Product main features

  • YVF3 series variable frequency 3 phase induction motor is based on YE3 motor (frame size 355~450). According to the design characteristics of variable frequency motor, appropriate insulation structure, mechanical structure and electromagnetic scheme are made derived from adjustment.
  • YVF3 series motor adopts high-strength cast iron structure, which has the characteristics of high reliability, wide speed regulation range and high precision. It is equipped with an independent cooling fan to ensure that the motor has a good cooling effect at different speeds.
  • The main structure, performance index, appearance, installation size, etc. of this series of motors are basically the same as those of YE3 (frame size 355~450), so as to facilitate interchangeability.
  • As an important product in the field of motor system energy saving, the low-voltage and high-power variable frequency speed regulation three-phase asynchronous motor has the advantages of safety, reliability, long life and excellent performance.

The main technical parameters

  • The rating of the motor is a continuous rating based on the continuous duty system (S1).
  • The enclosure protection grade is IP55.
  • The structural installation types are IM B3, IM B35 and IM V1.
  • The cooling method of the motor is IC416.
  • The rated frequency of the motor is 50 Hz, the frequency range of constant torque speed regulation: 5 Hz to 50 Hz, the frequency range of constant power speed regulation: 50 Hz to 60 Hz (for 2 poles), 50 Hz to 100 Hz (for 4, 6 , 8 poles).
  • The rated voltage is 380 V (below 560Kw), 660 V (560Kw and above), Y connection.
  • Power classes: 200 kW, 250 kW, 315 kW, 355 kW, 400 kW, 450 kW, 500 kW, 560 kW, 630 kW, 710 kW, 800 kW, 900 kW.
  • The synchronous speed of the motor is: 3000, 1500, 1000, 750 rpm.

Model description

What is the meaning of YVF model series? for example:


  • “Y” stands for Y series squirrel cage induction motor;
  • “VF” is actually a variable frequency speed regulation mode that can be used in V/F constant control mode
  • “3” is feature code
  • “450” is frame size
  • “L1” is core length code
  • “8” is motor poles

Main applications

YVF3 series low-voltage high-power variable frequency 3 phase induction motors are general-purpose cage-type three-phase asynchronous motors, which can be used for general variable frequency speed regulation power machinery, and are widely used in metallurgy, water supply, oil fields, ports, mines, etc.

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